For the new Customers, 10% advanced are required at the moment of ordering the goods. Such amount of money is required only with the first order.

The minimum quantities required are: 

  • Gold: 12/50 pieces for each article depending on item's weight 

  • Silver: 24/50 pieces for each article depending on item's weight 

The packing of the goods is carried out with suitable containers and each article is packed by itself, with the specification of its reference code, its weight, units and manufacturing price per gram. Special packings are made upon request of the Customer. The packings, before their shipping, are sealed with suitable, customized seals.

The ASTRO PREZIOSI guarantees the title of the products it sales in any moment and place. Upon request of the Customer, the certificates concerning the test of the title (acknowledged by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo) are inserted among the shipping documents.